Meet the Modern Men


A team is only as good as its weakest member. Luckily Modern Medicine has the unique makeup of three young men who have known each other for 20 years.

All three of us grew up in Wrenshall Minnesota, don’t worry we know you have never heard of it, a rural farm town just south of the Duluth shores of Lake Superior. This small town gave us the opportunity to be active in every school activity you could think of.

Over the years we learned to work as a team, noticing the qualities we each possessed, and picking up slack to have a very successful high school activity career. But that was kid stuff right? What does that have to do with business?

The nature of our friendship changed as the years went on as we went our seemingly separate ways. Tyler went to work in Colorado as graphic designer on some of the countries leading cannabis companies. Jordan spent a year at college and then several as the beast on the scene for various manual labor companies. John joined the Minnesota Army National Guard and served a tour in Iraq as a medic. The nature of our being however stayed the same. We were able to take the lessons that we took for granted growing up in such a unique and nourishing town, and apply them to our personal and career development.

Entrepreneurship and the power of purposeful action brought us all together. This came first through our shared interest in self-development, and then with the desire to work for ourselves and get paid from our own blood sweat and tears. Jordan is the co-owner, and head of sales for the craft dugout company 3rd grain. John got involved with two veteran non-profits, Strong Compass and Team Red White & Blue, and continues to serve on the leadership board of both.

When John recognized the need for both quality information and quality CBD, he knew that life had prepared the team he needed to get the job done. In May of 2018, after a trip to Colorado to visit a potential supplier, Modern Medicine LLC was formed, and the team got to work.


You have questions, so do we, let’s find an answer together.